Juvenile Offenses

James M. Warner represents juveniles accused of misdemeanor and felony offenses with an understanding of the difficulty and pain involved, when a child is charged with a criminal offense, because the family is disrupted and rightfully concerned about the child jeopardizing his or her future.  Mr. Warner represents juveniles as aggressively as he represents adults, but is aware that juveniles require even greater attention, sometimes, given their lack of maturity and susceptibility to peer pressure.  Mr. Warner will try these cases, when necessary, or will seek favorable treatment programs for the children, after consultation with the accused and his or her family.  The purpose of the juvenile system is to rehabilitate children, as opposed to incarcerating or punishing them.  Mr. Warner believes that a correct rehabilitation program and probationary conditions, designed for the needs of the juvenile, can prevent the juvenile from committing more serious offenses as an adult.

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