James M. Warner has the experience to assist with adoptions.  Mr. Warner enjoys adoptions, because it constitutes bringing together a family and adding a child to a loving home.  Mr. Warner assists with stepparent, relative and any other types of adoptions, so long as it is in the best interest of the child.  And, given the changing and evolving nature of the definition of a family, the courts will consider adoptions by anyone, who is the primary caregiver and creates a loving, supportive home for the child.  Mr. Warner will guide and assist you, through the adoption procedures of home studies, background checks and parental evaluations.  Mr. Warner is familiar with all of the legal requirements of completing an adoption, and will even attend to the administrative details accompanying the process, including name changes; updating birth certificates and school registration records; and providing the correct documentation and information to the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Social Security Administration and other agencies to properly identify and recognize the adopted child. 

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